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Balluff BNI CIE-508-105-Z015 Network blocks for CC-Link IE-Field

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Balluff has developed highly functional and practical fieldbus modules for the perfect connection of I/O systems to the open, deterministic high-speed network CC-Link IE/Field. This new generation outshines everything before it with its excellent configuration and diagnostics options.

More Information
Product Name Balluff BNI CIE-508-105-Z015 Network blocks for CC-Link IE-Field
Interface CC-Link IE Field V0
Product Family Network blocks for CC-Link IE-Field
Housing Material Zinc, Die casting
port class Type A
Connection Type 2x M12x1-Female, 8-pin, X-coded 7/8"-Male, 5-pin
Output Current Max. 2:00 AM
Mounting Style 2-Hole screw mount
Principle Of Operation Active splitter
Banjo Port Diameter Banjo_Port_Diameter
Compatible Fitting Compatible_Fitting
Connection 1 Thread Size (inch) Connection_1_Thread_Size_(inch)
Maximum Operating Speed Maximum_Operating_Speed
Minimum Operating Temperature © Minimum Operating Temperature ©
Port Connection 8x M12x1-Female, 5-pin, A-coded
tech data sheet Techdatasheet
Brand Balluff
Connection (supply voltage IN) 7/8"-Male, 5-pin
Digital Outputs 16x PNP
Digital Inputs 16x PNP, Type 3
Configurable inputs/outputs yes
Dimension 68 x 37.9 x 224 mm
Ambient Temperature -5...70 °C
Valve Terminal Connection 8x M12x1-Female, 5-pin, A-coded
IP Rating IP67 when threaded in
Transfer Rate 1 GBit/s
Auxiliary Interfaces 8x IO-Link
Outputs, number 16
IO-Link Version 1.1
Current Sum US, Sensor 9.0 A
Current sum UA, Actuator 9.0 A
Connection (supply voltage OUT) 7/8"-Female, 5-pin
Connection for Sensor 8x M12x1-Female, 5-pin, A-coded
IO-Link Function Master
Connection (COM 2) M12x1-Female, 8-pin, X-coded
Connection (COM 1) M12x1-Female, 8-pin, X-coded
Operating Voltage UB 18...30.2 VDC