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Schroeder Industries is a leader in fluid filtration and conditioning technology. With over 65 years of filtration experience, Schroeder designs, manufactures and markets innovative filtration solutions for hydraulic, lubrication, fuel and process systems.

Schroeder Bulk Diesel Fuel Filter Cart Offers Numerous Features & Advantages

What makes the BDC an essential product for businesses in these and other sectors is that prior-generation coalescing solutions no longer offer high-efficiency separation in ULSD and biofuels. This bulk diesel fuel filter cart includes ten-foot hose with three-foot wand ends, as well as a bag element pre-filter down to five microns for gross removal of microbial bloom contamination and rust. The pump motor has a power level of 115 VAC with resettable overload and a seven-inch power cord.

The BDC also helps to protect expensive, vital engine components from failure caused by water-contaminated fuel, and it is recommended highly for kidney loop cleanup of contaminated reservoirs and single-pass transfer.

The cart also has manual water drains and up and downstream test points. Among the technical specifications:

• Flow rating: up to 95 litres per minute for ULSD15 and biodiesel blends
• Fluid temperature range: -29 to 74 degrees Celsius standard; zero to 74 degrees Celsius with included, optional sight gauge
• Ambient environment temperature range: -29 to 40 degrees Celsius
• Bypass setting: 20 pounds per square inch (psi) for particulate, 30 psi for coalescing
• Porting base: anodized aluminum
• Element case: plated steel
• Cap: plated steel
• Weight: 356 kilograms
• Element charge clearance: 858 millimetres

Among the fuel oils that work with the BDC cart are ULSD15 and similar petroleum diesels, biodiesel blends, and synthetic diesel and blends. The coalescing element flows in an inside-out direction and has an outer diameter of 163 millimetres and a length of 1.001 metres, while the particulate elements flows from the outside in, has an 15-centimetre outer diameter, and measures 96 centimetres long.

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