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Balluff BNI IOL-102-000-K006 IO-Link sensor/actuator hubs

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Our Balluff I/O modules with their robust housings are suitable for use in a harsh industrial environment. The I/O hubs are based on M12 or M8 plug connections and are easy and economical to install and maintain.

Plus d’information
Nom du produit Balluff BNI IOL-102-000-K006 IO-Link sensor/actuator hubs
Interface IO-Link 1.0
Product Family IO-Link sensor/actuator hubs
Housing Material PA, Transparent
cycle time min 3.0 ms
Connection Type M12x1-Male, 4-pin, A-coded
Mounting Style 3-Hole screw mount
Principle Of Operation Active splitter
Taille hexagonale de secours Back-Up_Hex_Size
Diamètre du port banjo Banjo_Port_Diameter
Raccord Compatible Compatible_Fitting
Filetage de connexion 1 (pouces) Connection_1_Thread_Size_(inch)
Vitesse de fonctionnement maximale Maximum_Operating_Speed
Température de fonctionnement minimum © Minimum Operating Temperature ©
Connexion au port 8x M12x1-Female, 5-pin, A-coded
fiche technique Techdatasheet
Marque Balluff