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Clippard Push-Quick Plug, 3/8", Pack of 10 PQ-PG12-PKG

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Lead time: 1-2 weeks
Clippard Push-Quick Fittings provide a simple method of connecting pneumatic components to each other and system piping. They are designed for use with both flexible hose and stiff tubing made of nylon, urethane, polyethylene or polypropylene.

Push-Quick Fittings generally provide higher flows than barbed fittings. The Push-Quick fitting allows full flow through the hose/tubing I.D. with no smaller orifice required as in barb fittings. The chart shows the comparison between barb and push in fittings for various tubing/hose sizes. Push-Quick Fittings are available in various sizes for many sizes of tubing.

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Nom du produit Clippard Push-Quick Plug, 3/8", Pack of 10 PQ-PG12-PKG
Pkg Qty 10
UOM Pkg./10
Lead Time 1-2 weeks
Marque Clippard