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Industrial Automation Sensors

Industrial automation sensors are essential for modern industrial systems, and Wainbee provides top brands of the best-on-the-market products, for optimal-performing industrial sensing solutions across all industries — get reliable performance, even under extreme conditions.
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  • What is an industrial automation sensor?

    Industrial automation sensors are an essential component of modern industrial systems. Sensors for industrial automation are necessary for today’s industrialized world, providing the capability to identify and measure various physical characteristics like pressure, temperature, humidity, speed, force, acceleration, and position. These measurements can be utilized to regulate automated machinery or equipment in various industries, including manufacturing processes like food production and packaging.

  • What are the examples of industrial sensors?

    Examples of industrial sensors include photoelectric sensors that use light beams to identify objects; inductive proximity devices using magnetic fields for identifying items close by; and capacitive proximity sensors that measure changes in capacitance due to proximate objects.

  • Where are industrial sensors used?

    Industrial sensors are used in virtually every industry – from manufacturing to agriculture to IoT.

  • Why are sensors important in an automated industry?

    Sensors are incredibly essential in today’s automated world. They ensure cost and quality control, enhanced performance, and more.

  • How many major categories of sensors are used in industrial automation?

    There are numerous categories of sensors used in industrial automation. This can include pressure sensors, torque sensors, temperature sensors, and MEMs sensors.