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Hydraulic Industrial Parts & Supplies

Wainbee offers the latest, best-performing hydraulic equipment and control technologies to optimize your equipment or hydraulic systems. We work hard to ensure we have the latest and greatest in hydraulic and controls technologies. Quickly source any components for your MRO operation and get support in design and resources for optimizing your equipment or hydraulic systems.
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  • What are hydraulic industrial parts and supplies?

    Hydraulic industrial parts and supplies are essential for the operation of a variety of machines, from cars to airplanes. Hydraulics is used to power machinery by transferring energy from one source to another through pressurized fluid. Industrial hydraulics can be found in many applications, including construction equipment, agricultural machinery, manufacturing processes, aerospace engineering, and more.

  • What is the meaning of industrial hydraulics?

    Industrial hydraulics use the force of liquid pressure to operate devices with fixed and moving parts. It’s used to modify mechanical energy, transforming it into more useful forms depending on the need.

  • What are some examples of hydraulic systems?

    Examples of industrial hydraulic systems include directional control valves, pressure relief valves, check valves, accumulators, servo valves, proportional valves, and solenoid-operated or pilot-operated directional control valves.

  • What are hydraulics used for?

    Hydraulic industrial parts and supplies provide the necessary components for a wide range of applications, offering reliable performance and efficiency.

  • What are the 2 basic types of hydraulic systems?

    The two basic types of hydraulic systems are open loop and closed loop. In an open loop system, a pump pushes liquid through an actuator, such as a cylinder. A closed loop system employs sensors and controllers that give back data regarding the amount of force necessary to be exerted at each juncture for accurate motion control.