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Industrial Adapters

From industrial adapters to high pressure hydrogen fittings, Wainbee's wide range of solutions for engineered systems can help you achieve the desired result with maximum efficiency. Get top-brand industrial adapters from Parker, Eaton, Gates, and more.
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  • What is an industrial adapter?

    An adapter is a fitting that provides a secure connection between two pieces of equipment to allow fluid or air to flow from one piece to the other. Adapters come in an assortment of shapes and sizes, contingent upon their planned utilization.

  • What is the difference between a fitting and an adapter?

    An adapter differs from a fitting because it allows for easier installation without cutting into existing pipes or tubing.

  • What are hydraulic adapters?

    Hydraulic adapters are engineered for use in hydraulic systems where pressurized liquids must be moved securely from one component to the next.

  • What are the three types of hydraulic fittings?

    Hydraulic fittings come in three main types: straight thread (ST), tapered thread (TT), and flareless (FL). • Straight threads have external threads that match up to internal threads on the receiving end. • Tapered threads have conical-shaped ends that mate when tightened correctly to create a seal at both ends, preventing leaks from occurring during operation. • Flareless fittings don’t require additional sealing methods as their design provides enough friction between mating surfaces creating an effective seal without needing extra materials like gaskets or O-rings.

  • What is the difference between couplings and adapters?

    The difference between couplings and adapters is that couplings join two distinct pieces of pipe together, whereas adapters connect two diverse types of pipes by providing a transition point between them so they can be securely attached without fluid leakage during operation. Couplings usually consist of two halves screwed onto either side of the pipe. Adapters may contain multiple components, including nuts, bolts, and washers.