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For precision and efficiency of movement and control, Wainbee offers a wide selection of pneumatic equipment components, including pneumatic compressors, vacuum pumps, air motors and boosters, valves, cylinders, actuators, and FRLs, as well as tubing and fittings. 
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  • What are pneumatics and pneumatic vacuum systems?

    Pneumatics is technology that uses compressed air to power machines and tools. It’s an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way to power industrial machinery. Pneumatic tech is utilized across a wide range of industries, from automotive production and food handling to medical equipment, robotics, and automation.

  • What is industrial pneumatics?

    Pneumatic systems are efficient, reliable, and cost-effective if you need to power industrial machinery. They use compressed air to power machines and tools with unparalleled control.

  • How does an industrial pneumatic system work?

    Pneumatic systems use a consistent flow of compressed air to work. This airflow comes from an air compressor.

  • What is a pneumatic vacuum?

    A pneumatic vacuum, or compressed air-powered vacuum, uses compressed air to make a vacuum within a chamber.

  • How does a vacuum system work?

    To generate negative pressure, industrial vacuum systems use alternating current (AC) power to drive a high-pressure fan. Through the creation of a vacuum, air and matter are drawn into a collection area after being passed through filters.