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Industrial Hose and Tubing

Wainbee offers a wide selection of top brands for heavy-duty, best-performing industrial hoses and tubing – ranging from steel or stainless steel for strength to aluminum for lightweight – with good corrosion resistance properties. From tubing to Parflex and no-skive hoses, Wainbee has exactly what you need to get up and running again.
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  • What is industrial hose and tubing?

    Industrial hoses and tubing are essential components of many industrial systems, providing reliable performance and long-lasting durability.

  • What is the strongest tubing?

    The strongest type of tubing is usually made from steel or stainless steel due to its high tensile strength and corrosion resistance properties.

  • What is the difference between mechanical and structural tubing?

    Mechanical tubing is used where structural integrity is important, while structural tubing is more suited for load-bearing applications such as frames or scaffolding.

  • Is aluminum tubing stronger than steel tubing?

    Aluminum is not stronger than steel tubing – steel is about three times stronger. Aluminum makes a great choice when looking for lightweight yet strong material with good corrosion resistance properties.

  • Which is stronger: square or round tubing?

    Square tubing is stronger than round. Both have advantages depending on what you’re using them for. Square tubes, while stronger, don’t offer much flexibility, so they may not be suitable if you need something that can bend easily around corners without losing shape over time. Round tubes provide greater flexibility but aren’t quite as strong, so they may not hold up under extreme pressure conditions like those in some industrial environments where safety must always come first.

  • What is the difference between hydraulic hoses and industrial hoses?

    Hydraulic hoses can be used for water, oil, and fuel. Hoses for industrial use, though, are equipped to transport various liquids, including water, air, and chemicals.

  • How are industrial hoses made?

    Industrial hoses are made of multiple layers of rubber reinforced by metal wire mesh. This offers additional protection against abrasion damage caused by external elements such as rocks or debris being dragged along the ground surface during operation.