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Industrial Filters

Wainbee offers top brands of best-performing industrial filtration solutions and products. We carry world-class brands and filtration products including breathers, particulate filters, coalescing filters, water removal, and vacuum dehydrators.
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  • What are industrial filters?

    Industrial filters are used to remove contaminants from liquids and gasses. They’re utilized across various sectors, including the automotive, manufacturing, medical, and food processing industries. High quality filters are designed to provide optimal filtration efficiency while maintaining flow rates and pressure drops within acceptable limits. As a result, they provide an essential layer of protection and reliability in many industrial applications.

  • What are the different types of industrial filters?

    The different types of industrial filters include air filters, oil filters, water filters, fuel filters, hydraulic fluid filter systems, and coalescing separators.

  • How to choose an industrial filter?

    When choosing an industrial filter, consider various factors like size constraints (length/width/height), flow rate requirements (CFM), temperature range, operating pressures (PSI), contaminant type(s) being filtered out, desired micron rating(s), material compatibility with both media being filtered and filter housing construction materials. Additionally, features like auto-drain valves can also be important factors. A comparison of cost and advantage will help you determine the most suitable option.

  • How often should industrial air filters be changed?

    How often you should change an industrial air filter can depend on several factors, including the environment, type, size of system, and location. As a result of these factors, you may need to change or clean an industrial air filter anywhere from once a week to three or four times a year.