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Fluid Connectors

Wainbee’s wide range of fittings from top brands can meet any application need. We carry Seal-Lok, Push-Lok, Trueseal, quick couplers, and more. Whether you’re looking for couplings, quick couplers, valves, O-ring face seals, or JIC flareless bite type – Wainbee’s full inventory guarantees we have any fitting you need.
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  • What are fluid connectors?

    Fluid connectors are a critical component of any industrial system that requires the movement of liquids or gases.

  • What are the 2 types of fluid systems?

    The two types of fluid systems are hydraulic and pneumatic. Pneumatic systems employ compressed air to drive machinery, while hydraulic ones utilize pressurized liquid for the motion of elements. Connectors in both these systems play a vital role in connecting different components and ensuring efficient operation.

  • What are the different types of connectors in a fluid system?

    Connectors in a hydraulic system can be divided into three categories: hose fittings, pipe fittings, and tube fittings. Hose fittings connect hoses to pumps, valves, cylinders, or other components within the system. They come in various sizes depending on the type of connection required. Pipe fittings join pipes using threaded connections such as elbows or tees. They come in different sizes based on the connected pipe diameter. Tube fittings are used when connecting metal tubing with compression rings that provide a secure seal between them. These can vary by size depending on the type of tubing being joined.

  • What is a connector in a hydraulic system?

    Fluid connectors provide a secure and reliable connection between two components, ensuring safe and efficient operation. With flareless and bite type fittings, the possibilities for motion control, filtration, and automation are endless.

  • What are the most common hydraulic fittings?

    Quick disconnect coupling (QDC) is the most common hydraulic fitting. They allow for easy assembly and disassembly without tools due to a unique design that includes two halves snapped together securely while allowing quick release when needed.

  • What are the different types of hydraulic quick-connect fittings?

    Two types of hydraulic quick-connect fittings include check valve and flat face. Check valve styles use poppets or balls to block flow. Flat face are more sophisticated, pushing face sections together when joined to open a flow path. Each has advantages, depending on what kind of connection is needed for specific application requirements.