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Barcode Tracking, Kitting & Assembly Services

How would you like to have one part number for that piece of equipment which is compiled of 140+ parts?

Wainbee works with customers to streamline their procurement process by creating a single part number for a large Bill of Material List.

As Canada’s largest Parker Hannifin Distributor, we are not only your number one choice for Hose & Fitting components, but we use the Parker Tracking System (PTS) as an innovative component tagging and asset management system. This solution allows you to easily replace components and stay ahead of the competition.

Our kitting & assembly services provide Users & OEMs an opportunity to streamline purchases and seamlessly replace and integrate these components into project and applications.


Reminder :

  • Cleanliness and Regular Maintenance is one way to improve your equipment reliability.
  • If you suspect a system problem, do not delay contact us for consultation. Continued operation of the system could cause unnecessary damage throughout the system.

Building positive PARTNERSHIPS with our customers. Wainbee Service teams are here to work with you.

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