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Clippard Instrument Laboratory is well-known as a quality manufacturer that provides thousands of standard and special pneumatic products to design engineers and manufacturers around the world. Some of the many products offered include Minimatic® valves, cylinders, fittings, modular components, push buttons, stainless steel cylinders, electronic manifold cards, circuit analyzers and pre-piped circuit manifold subplates. Special components designed for customer's OEM applications are also available. Clippard customers have grown to appreciate the high standards in the manufacture and testing of each Clippard valve and cylinder.

Clippard Minimatic® Electronic Valves: Precision Engineering for Industry Excellence

Introducing Clippard Minimatic® electronic valves, precision-engineered with Clippard's patented valving principle. The DV Series, successor to the renowned EV Series, offers compactness, speed, and durability, with over 1,000,000,000 cycles!

Ideal for medical, analytical, packaging, and manufacturing industries, these valves boast high flow rates (up to 100 l/min for 2-way and 70 l/min for 3-way), leak-free operation, and rapid response times. With low heat rise, low power consumption, and a robust stainless steel "Spider" flat armature spring, they ensure reliability and longevity.

CE certified for compliance, these valves excel in precision control and high-volume applications, setting new standards in fluid control systems.

New! ES Series Electronic Valves

Compact size, long life, and exceptional leak resistance for improving reliability in a wide range of analytical and biomedical applications.

• Over 1 billion cycles (under ideal conditions)
• 0.01 atm sccm leak rate
• No threads in flow path
• Fast response - 5 to 10 ms (nominal)
• Close mounting - 7/8” on center, overall height less than 1”
• Customizable pressure ranges and mounting options
• Compatible with multiple inert gasses
• Ideal for ultra-low leak applications

The ES series features large cross-sectional O-rings, minimal leak points, and proven poppet designs. All mounting hardware is outside of the flow path for the ES, and no internal parts are threaded during assembly to reduce the possibility of contamination. The ES has the best performance-to-price ratio for low leak valves.

New! Cordis CP1 Series Dynamic Pressure Controller

A single, compact solution for maintaining pressure or flow in a closed loop application with ultra high resolution, accuracy, and repeatability. Clippard's Cordis CP1 single-valve pressure controller provides a compact, cost-effective solution for applications where a proportional valve is specified to maintain pressure or flow in a closed-loop application.

CP1 Dynamic Pressure Controller Benefits:

• Smooth, linear control
• Integrated internal feedback
• Multiple flow configurations
• Dynamic proportional pressure control
• Non-pulsing proportional fill
• Customizable pressure ranges and mounting options
• Compatible with multiple inert gasses
• Customizable calibrated ranges

Check out this quick video to learn more: New! Cordis CP1 Electronic Pressure Controller

New! Cordis CPS Pressure Sensors

Clippard's Cordis family now includes a new line of transducers. These sensors are conditioned and offer a customized calibration around your application requirements, allowing for a full-scale accuracy of 0.25% over the calibrated range. They can be used in conjunction with Clippard's Cordis pressure controller or as a standalone unit.

Multiple mounting options allow the user to place the sensor downstream or in a remote location from the pressure controller. This creates a quicker response and helps avoid any lag in the system. The manifold mount lends itself well to analytical value-added assemblies. All wetted materials are Oxygen compatible and manifold mounting eliminates any possible contamination during assembly.

CPS Pressure Sensor Benefits:

• Standalone or use in conjunction with Cordis Pressure Controls
• Downstream sensor feedback
• Multiple VDC signal outputs
• Static or dynamic applications
• Multiple electrical connection options
• Customizable pressure ranges and mounting options
• IP65 Protection Rating
• Temperature compensated

Clippard EV Mouse Valves Offer Low Vibration & Fast Response Time

Clippard's bestselling EV series of mouse valves. The compact, lightweight design of these cool-running valves is a deceptively simple arrangement that features a lifespan of more than 1,000,000,000 cycles, offers an unusually quiet, low-power operation, and enables easy mounting in small spaces.

One Hundred Per Cent Tested

There is only one moving part in each of the valves in the EV series: the “spider.” Its motion to operate the valve takes up only 0.007 of an inch. This is why the series has such a long life. The spider is moved by low-voltage DC inputs, which generates response times from five to ten milliseconds from only 0.67 of a watt of power. These valves are 100 per cent tested by the manufacturer to meet high performance standards.

The EV series is available in common voltages with 18-inch wire leads, and it comes with two easy mounting options. In-line base models have two #6-32-threaded, 7/32-inch-deep mounting holes, while manifold models each have a bottom stud measuring 5/32 of an inch long with a #10-32 thread, which fits Clippard standard and special manifolds, accessory valves, and subplates. The spanner holes in the valves enables tightening.

Other technical specifications of this valve family:

• Valve type: two- or three-way, normally open, or normally closed.
• Medium: clean, dry air (40-micron filter).
• Pressure range: Vacuum to 105 psig.
• Temperature range: Zero to 82 degrees Celsius.
• Operating range: 90 to 150 per cent of rated voltage.
• Voltage: 12 or 24 VDC.
• Materials: Nickel-plated brass body with nickel-plated steel housing, core, and spider.
• Seal material: Nitrile standard; FKM, EPDM, and silicone also available.

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