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CrossControl supports customers in making industrial vehicles and machines smart, safe and productive. Through operational excellence and engineering expertise, CrossControl is a trusted partner for OEMs and System Integrators across the world. CrossControl provides powerful platforms for machine intelligence, communication and human-machine interaction.

CrossControl Displays for Industrial Vehicles - Three Models

CrossControl products are available from Wainbee Limited, including three models of CCpilot display computers to keep industrial vehicles safe and productive. Each of these displays is based on an i.MX8 processor that features a very potent GPU, with higher graphics performance than earlier versions of ARM processors had.

Wainbee carries the CCpilot V700, V1000, and V1200 models of displays – which measure seven, 10.1, and 12.1 inches respectively. All are available with LinX, an exclusive CrossControl software program.

Visibility in all conditions

The CCpilot V700 has a highly bright, optically bonded screen with IPS technology, which provides top viewing angles and contrast for visibility in all conditions, with no fogging risk. It comes with a multi-touch PCAP touchscreen for intuitive user interaction with gloves too, and wired interfaces include Ethernet, CAN, and high-speed USB, plus the option to add wireless connection.

A future-ready platform for machine intelligence, the CCpilot V700 has vast software capabilities and innovative hardware. The platform on which it is based supports rapidly emerging technologies such as multiple digital-camera streams, stream stitching to create panoramic views, and object detection.

Also, with IPS technology (for colour accuracy) and a similar PCAP touchscreen, the CCpilot V1000 has wired interfaces that include up to four CAN ports, Gigabit Ethernet, and USB 2.0. This display from Wainbee also features a USB-C connector with USB 3.0 for peripherals, plus optional Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. The V1000 includes firmware and OS support, pre-packaged application toolchains for Qt and CODESYS, and application modules for frequently needed operations. The open platform approach allows users to base their solutions on a robust and secure base while keeping the flexibility to use in-house or third-party development resources, work with alternative toolchains, or deploy existing tasks easily.

The CCpilot V1200 has similar wired interfaces to those of the V1000, plus the same open platform approach. Like the V1000, this model features an i.MX 8QuadXPlus application processor, whereas the V700 is based on an i.MX 8DualXPlus application processor. Like other CrossControl solutions, these display screens provide powerful platforms for machine intelligence, communication, and human-machine interaction.

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