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Des-Case helps companies improve overall equipment reliability increasing productivity and profitability by extending lubricant life. Des-Case products extend the life of industrial lubricants by preventing contamination with desiccant breathers, fluid handling products and visual oil analysis equipment.

Des-Case RMF Giant Off-Line Unit Reduces Water Contamination & Downtime

Wainbee Limited offers a wide inventory of Des-Case products, like the RMF Systems Connected Giant Off-Line Unit. Designed particularly for hydraulic and lubrication systems, the Giant Off-Line Unit can be equipped with extra components for condition monitoring, with an electrical control box that is already prepared for several additions.

Among the many industries that are currently benefiting from this Des-Case solution are the automotive, marine, steel, and pulp and paper sectors.

Lower cost of ownership

Des-Case recommends the Giant Off-Line Unit for hydraulic power units, lube and oil tanks, large gearboxes, and storage tanks for biodegradable liquids. The many user advantages of this device from Wainbee include reduced solid-particle contamination, high cleanliness levels, reduced water contamination, less machine downtime, less oil oxidation, longer equipment lifespans, and lower cost of ownership.

Users can easily mount this unit onto both new and existing hydraulic installations. The oil is pumped from the reservoir through the filter unit via an integrated pump-motor unit in the off-line filter, and the oil is then returned to the tank. Elements are available in varying micron sizes if necessary to suit any task, and users can also apply water-absorbing elements.

The pump is a cast steel low-noise gear pump with viscosity ranging from 12 to 800 centistokes, and a Delta P indicator is standard in the delivery. A variety of filter elements is available, from one to 25 micron, with the capacity to remove extremely small dirt particles from oil. The reduced water contamination level prolongs the life of the additive package and lowers oxidation of oil, components, and bearing surfaces when fitted with water-absorbing elements.

For condition monitoring, users can add the Contamination Monitoring System (CMS), Oil Quality Sensor, and Oil Quality Display. The CMS can report oil cleanliness levels in all international standard formats and, if needed, include the optional moisture and temperature sensor to report water content.

The water-absorbing elements can remove up to 1½ litres of water per element when applied to the unit, and the micro glass elements can remove as much as one kilogram of solid-particle contamination.

Des-Case COLORASSIST™ Now Available!

The High-Capacity Breather made possible by COLORASSIST™ Technology uses the highest capacity desiccant available to deliver the longest-lasting breather, extending service life by 30% and lowering the cost of ownership.

Ideal for tank farms and large or remote applications, consult with Wainbee Experts today!

• Time Saved in Replacing Breathers
• Reduced Waste
• Lower Cost of Ownership
• Accurately Gauges Remaining Life
• Diagnoses Source of Moisture Contamination
• Improved In-Use Visibility

Featured Product: Oil Transfer Containers by Des-Case Meets All Relevant Best-practice Standards

Des-Case is one of many major manufacturers whose products are available in Canada through Wainbee Limited, including an innovative oil transfer container – the first best-practice solution that isolates oil completely from the environment during transfers. This container is perfect for transferring small oil volumes, topping off reservoirs, and small-volume storage.

This Des-Case container is recommended for keeping oil clean and dry during storage and transfer to machinery with a maximum operating viscosity range of ISO VG 680, at 38 degrees Celsius.

Twenty-seven percent more volume

There are many advantages to using this oil transfer container. It isolates and protects oil according to best-practice standards with breathers and ISO B quick connects, and its trigger mechanism enables variable flow control. The square shape is another key benefit since square containers store 27 percent more volume per square foot than round ones do. This container from Wainbee prevents cross-contamination and offers easy lubricant identification with 11 colour-coding options and a tagging system; it also minimizes inventory management with modular, interchangeable spouts, collar rings, and pump caps as the sole colour-coded components.

Among the available options for this container are a dispensing lid, three sizes of spouts (five, eight, or 16 inches), and a pump lid. The container itself comes in three different sizes – four, seven, or ten liters. The dispensing lid and spout contain nylon, 304 stainless steel, steel, Buna-N, HDPE, and PTFE, while the pump lid contains both kinds of steel, fluoro-silicone, silicone, nylon, PVC, polyurethane, aluminum, vinyl, and HDPE, and the container body is made of HDPE. The container is recommended for mineral-based industrial oils and most synthetic oils; it will not react chemically with oil or additive packages.

Other notable product features include a trigger mechanism, for precise pour control and locking, and a port for the optional breather. The optional ½-inch ISO B quick-connect ports enhance the overall adherence to best practices, and the spout cap prevents contamination of oil during storage. The lubricant tagging system has two-by-three-inch colour-coding labels with a recommended colour and pattern tagging system.

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