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DESTACO (a Dover Company) is known as the originator of the first manual toggle clamp. Innovations, quality and acquisitions have made DESTACO the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and support of clamping, gripping, transferring and robotic tooling solutions for workplace and flexible automation needs.

Upgrade your Assembly Application With DESTACO Pull-Action Latch Clamps

These manual latches feature a convenient pull action, providing a powerful closing force and positive holding. With holding capacities up to 7,500lbf, these clamps are ideal for sealing chamber doors, mold closures, and access doors. Choose from three primary styles: Fixed latch type, U-hook type (horizontal and vertical), J-hook type. Experience convenient one-handed operation with the patented Thumb Control Lever.

A game-changer in the world of heavy-duty manual clamps

The Toggle Lock Plus Locking System offered by DESTACO is a game-changer in the world of heavy-duty manual clamps. Designed for enhanced safety and protection, this innovative system combines with the robust Manual Clamps 503-MLB and 533-LB to provide additional security against unintentional opening.

With the Toggle Lock Plus, users can work with peace of mind, knowing that their clamps will stay securely in place during operation. This cutting-edge technology not only ensures a safer working environment but also improves efficiency by allowing for easier application building with minimal interference contour.

Featured Product: DESTACO Introduces 82L-3E Series Power Clamps

The 82L-3E power clamps are a perfect complement to the 82M-3E models and are available in three versions with a holding-torque range of 75 Nm to 380 Nm, and clamping torques of 25 Nm up to 120 Nm at 5 bar. Additional flexibility is provided by an optional hand lever, which can be mounted on the clamp’s left or right side. Multiple mounting surfaces also offer improved mounting and installation flexibility. The 82L-3E’s modular structure simplifies the procurement of spare parts and reduces storage requirements, with the same clamp arms that are used with the 82L-2 Series Power Clamps also available as U, H and lateral versions.

• Infinite arm opening adjustment (up to 105°)
• Manual unlocking in case of air pressure loss
• External hold open device is available for safe opening operation
• Easily adjust arm opening angle with one tool
• Hand lever is adjustable for better ergonomics
• Modular design improves spare parts ordering and reduces inventory
• Multiple mounting surfaces provide greater flexibility
• Compatible with all clamping arms as 82L-2 series

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