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Exlar is part of the Curtiss-Wright organization, manufacturing high precision, robust linear and rotary actuators. Exlar developed the first roller screw linear actuator that was engineered to have 15x the life expectancy of a ball screw. The electric actuators have a continuous force rating of 425 N to 356,000 N which offer the power density and rugged reliability of a hydraulic cylinder, with the accuracy, control and efficiency of an electric actuator.

Featured Product: Curtiss-Wright Launches Exlar Gtw Series Actuator For Automotive Weld-Gun Applications

The GTW weld-gun actuator offers high force repeatability and precision at 20M+ welds. With continuous force ratings up to 24,196N (5,440 lbf) and speeds up to 1,270 mm/sec (50 in/sec), the GTW can support high duty cycles for increased productivity and energy efficiency. In addition, GTW actuators are compatible with major leading global industrial robot and weld-gun supplier controllers used in the automotive manufacturing markets.

• Energy-efficient integrated brushless stator (motor) technology
• Planetary Roller Screw technology for high precision positioning and reliable performance over its rated life
• High-performance rod seal and dual wiper design to protect critical components from contaminants
• Built-in mounting features for adaption to a variety of weld-gun configurations
• Design-in mounting options for ease of installation and adaptability to standard C-Gun, X-Gun, or Pinch weld-gun envelopes
• Robot interface compatibility with major industrial weld-gun suppliers

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