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FasTest helps solve the toughest repeated operation with respect to connections in your assembly process by helping you speed up your production or certify your connection integrity, Fastest has the product to bring you up to the next level of productivity. With expertise in quick connection testing, Fastest has over 50 US and International patents that are designed for efficiency in your manufacturing process.

For Testing, Filling, Flushing

The EZ Connect ZF is designed for pressure or vacuum testing, fluid filling, flushing applications, and related processes, and it connects to bead, barbed, and formed tubes. Its sealing fits many tube diameters, with a self-aligning connector that needs no user adjustment. The colour-coded handles help with proper tool identification, while fast, simple seal replacement minimizes downtime, maintenance, and tool inventory. This connector from Wainbee offers a pressure rating from vacuum to 300 pounds per square inch (psi).

Designed for in-process testing and fluid transfer, the ZGN connects to all internal threads, along with NPT, SAE, BSPP(G)/BSPT, and metric threads in various sizes and styles. Advantages include pressure-assisted sealing, a self-aligning sleeve for dependable connections (even with misalignment), a compact size that fits into tight spaces and tightly spaced bores, lever operation for manual tasks, and pneumatic operation for automated testing or end-of-arm grip and hold.

Select models of the ZGN work with ICON intelligent connection technology, a sealing-connection tool that generates data and offers LED feedback to improve sealing accuracy, maximize production efficiency, and optimize tool maintenance. The lever version of the ZGN has a pressure rating from vacuum to 120 psi; the pneumatic version has pressure up to 300 psi.

The ZN works only with internal connections to tubes and bores, including straight, expanded, flared, beaded, barbed, formed, and swaged tubes. Intended mainly for pressure or vacuum testing and fluid filling or flushing, this connector has an adjustment ring to set preload and maximize seal life, a lockable collar for consistent sealing pressure, and high-flow design that users can adapt quickly for plug-style applications. Pressure rating up to 50 psi.

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