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Linde's unique hydraulic open and closed-circuit pumps compact design, high power density, reliability with load independent controls, has helped them become a global development partner and supplier of reputable manufacturers of mobile work machinery, including construction, mining, agricultural, forestry and municipal utility machines, as well as manufacturers of industrial machinery.

Variable Displacement Pumps by Linde Offer Dynamic Response, High Reliability

Linde Hydraulics solutions are available to Canadian businesses via Wainbee Limited, including pumps. One example is the HPV-02 series of variable displacement pumps, designed for closed-circuit operation. Among the advantages of these pumps are their compact design, high power density, dynamic response, high reliability, and long service life.

With both clockwise and counter clockwise rotation, these noise-optimized, precise, and load-independent pumps by Linde are axial piston units in a swashplate design for high-pressure closed-loop systems.

With replaceable cartridge filters

All of the controls used in the HPV-02 pump series are based on a load-independent control mechanism. Identical commands always result in the same response in the machine, regardless of which control is used. The precise and sensitive machine control boosts productivity while making work easier. Various customer system options are available from Wainbee for mechanical, hydraulic, and electric input solutions, as well as further special regulating features, such as torque control and pressure cut-off. Users can easily integrate the reliable control of each pump into any kinds of vehicle management control system.

Other design characteristics of these variable displacement pumps:

• exact and rugged servo control devices – mechanical, hydraulic, or electro-hydraulic;
• integrated high-pressure relief valves with a make-up function;
• integrated low-pressure relief valves for boost, control, and cooler circuits;
• replaceable cartridge filters;
• SAE high-pressure ports;
• SAE mounting flanges with ANSI or SAE spline shafts;
• through shafts SAE A, B, B-B, and C; and
• charge pressure pumps for internal and external suction, with optional integrated cold start relief valves.

Optional tandem and multiple pumps are also available in this design. Controls for each HPV-02 unit include an M1R mechanical level, an H1 hydraulic pilot, an E1 electro-hydraulic control, an E2 electro-hydraulic control with an enable function, an E5 electro-hydraulic control with three positions, and a CA speed-related hydraulic mechanical control with a torque and power limiter. Control options include a power limiter and pressure cut-off.

The HPV-02 series consists of seven models with displacement volumes from 55 to 280 cubic centimetres. Weights range from 46 to 164 kilograms; torque runs from 374 to 1,929 newton metres.

Linde Variable Displacement Pump HPV-02

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