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Parker's Domnick Hunter filtration division is the global leader in gas generation and filtration having the he most complete product line of Air Treatment and Nitrogen Generators, Desiccant Dryers, Refrigerated Dryers, Biogas Filtration and Chillers.

Clearing Compressed Air for Industrial Excellence

Failure to treat contaminants in compressed-air systems can lead to corrosion, blockage, damaged equipment, premature desiccant changes, or product contamination. This results in inefficient processes, spoiled products, low efficiency, and higher manufacturing expenses. Contaminants like particulate, oil, micro-organisms, and exhaust can cause an unhealthy, unsafe work environment too. Compressed-air purification requires uncompromising performance and reliability, plus the right balance of air quality with low operational cost.

The Parker domnick hunter’s OIL-X coalescing filters use four, to guarantee high-performance liquid removal. In one method, a high-efficiency drainage layer offers more fluid drainage, better chemical compatibility, and higher operational temperatures than ordinary material does. In another, the OIL-X design wraps the drainage layer under the lower end cap to remove coalesced fluid from the air-flow path, which boosts liquid-removal efficiency and offers more usable filtration surface area. Other methods involve surface tension breakers and drainage ribs cast into the filter bowl.

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