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Parker's Fluid Connector division is your largest selection of fluid connector products, from Industrial Hose to your most demanding Hydraulic Hose application. World renown for its Quality, Safety, and Integrity in helping you with your product requirements, Parker makes sure you optimize your run time and remain profitable.

Parker’s Brass Fittings

Parker pipe fittings comply with the functional requirements of the SAE J530 and SAE J531 standards, and their threads are built according to dry-seal standards.

Enhance your Efficiency with Parker's Prestolok Push-to-Connect Fittings

Reduce assembly time with Parker's Prestolok Push-to-Connect fittings. Parker's Prestolok composite push-to-connect fittings help you save time by eliminating the use of a sleeve and tightening of a nut required compression-style fittings.

These quick-connect pneumatic fittings are made with nitrile D-seal which provides a positive seal on the O.D. of the tube in both static and dynamic positions.

Simply push the tubing into the fitting until it bottoms. These quick connect pneumatic fittings are also easy to disassemble: just press the release button, hold against the body and pull tubing from the fitting.

A D-seal in the Prestolok PLP composite air fitting provides a positive seal on the O.D. of the tubing in both static and dynamic positions. The D-seal deforms during insertion of the tubing lowering the insertion force without compromising the sealing feature.

A thread sealant is applied to all male threads eliminating the possibility of system contamination from PTFE tape. All components in Prestolok PLP composite are silicone free. All Prestolok PLP composite push in fittings are 100% leak tested and date coded to guarantee quality and traceability.

For use with the following Parker Parflex Division tubing.

• Polyethylene, Polyurethane 90 Durometer Shore A. Eliminate Fluoropolymer
• Nylon
• Semi-rigid nylon
• Polyurethane 95 Durometer Shore A
• Fluoropolymer

Markets: Pneumatic, Industrial, Robotic, Automation, Printing, Packaging, Textile, Semi-conductor

Features & Benefits:
• Glass reinforced nylon 6.6 body
• Stainless steel grab ring
• Conforms to ISO 14743
• Nitrile D-seal provides a positive seal on the O.D. of the tube, in both static and dynamic positions
• 100% leak tested in production
• Date coding to guarantee quality and traceability
• Corrosion and chemical resistance
• Full flow
• Pre-applied thread sealant
• Inch and metric sizes, 1/8”- ½”, 4mm - 16mm
• Lightweight
• NPT, UNF, BSPT, BSPP & Metric threads
• Use with Semi-rigid nylon, Polyurethane 95 durometer Shore A, Nylon, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyurethane 90 durometer Shore A tubing
• Silicone free
• Orientable for ease of assembly

• Air lines
• Inert gases
• Cutting fluids
• Vacuum
• Custom configurations and sizes are available upon request

Pneumatic Tubing Solutions by Parker

Parker industrial solutions include a wide selection of pneumatic tubing products and are available in Canada at Wainbee Limited. Parker makes one of the largest ranges of pneumatic tubing and can provide this solution for myriad applications, from airbrakes to medical tasks. With Wainbee’s expertise, you’ll get the right tubing solution for your application!

These pneumatic tubing products are available in many compounds including, but not limited to, Teflon, metal, nylon, urethane, and polyethylene. These products range in size from 0.015 of an inch in inner diameter to six inches in outer diameter.

Flame-resistant and air-brake options

Among the options available for Parker pneumatic tubing:

• Flame-resistant PU tubing. Perfect for low-to-medium-pressure air and water supply lines that need weld-spatter protection.
• Nylon tubing. Formed from abrasion-resistant, heat- and light-stabilized nylon capable of functioning at up to 93 degrees Celsius. Nylon air-brake tubing offers excellent kink resistance. NR series has low moisture absorption and high chemical resistance.
• Nylon air hose. Pneumatic hose coil made of tough, abrasion-resistant nylon with high memory characteristic.
• Truck coils. Air hoses that connect service lines and emergency lines between tractors and trailers.
• Coiled air hose. Made from a 95 durometer, abrasion-resistant polyurethane. Recommended for various rugged and heavy-duty industrial pneumatic tasks.
• PU tubing. Ideal for pneumatic applications. Allowed for up to 50 per cent space reduction compared to semi-rigid PA tubing. Polyurethane ether tubing available for life sciences and clean rooms.
• PA 12 (Presto) tubing. Recommended for challenging applications. High chemical resistance and higher working pressures are just two of the advantages of this tubing.

Urethane tubing is available ­in fractional or metric sizes and is recommended for water and pneumatic lines, machines, tools, pneumatic plumbing, and pick-and-place automation. Its advantages include high flexibility, reduced bend radius, and moisture and abrasion resistance. Also available from Wainbee, Parker nylon tubing works for the same industries, plus mild chemicals, and offers superior dimensional stability.

Parker’s polyethylene tubing works well with potable water, chemical transfer, and low-pressure pneumatics. An economical system solution, this tubing has high molecular weight resin that offers increased dimensional stability, uniformity, and long-term strength.

Featured Product: PURE food-grade hoses by Parker transfer foods cleanly and safely

Parker solutions are available from Wainbee Limited, including the PURE brand of food-grade hoses. These hoses allow clean, safe transfers of a broad range of foods, beverages, and sanitary material. They come in a full range of constructions and various colours, pressures, sizes, and temperature capabilities for different user needs. Meeting government and industry standards, all Parker food-grade hoses provide full suction capability and kink resistance to maximize their usability.

Suitable for various markets

PURE food-grade hose tubes are suitable for various industrial markets; different models can be used for such applications as food, beverages, spirits, PTFE, transfer, and wash-down. They also provide enhanced cover options for convenient cleaning. Parker cites three main advantages of investing in these hoses from Wainbee:

  • Simplicity. The colour coding of PURE food-grade hoses enable easy product selection. Parker manufactures them to withstand harsh processing applications in which hoses face multiple cycles of sanitary cleaning techniques, including clean-in-place – a simplification process that uses aggressive cleaning agents and high temperatures to keep conditions sanitary.
  • Cleanliness.Parker designs PURE hoses at every step with high quality as a high priority. The clean inner tube is produced on stainless steel mandrels with material that meets the standards of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Parker applies it in a seamless manner to avoid gaps or voids in which bacteria could accumulate.
  • Safety. Customers can rely on PURE food-grade hoses for clean transfer of safe products. Parker makes them with quality materials and construction, while testing them according to the strictest government/industry standards to meet performance needs.

Another key benefit: PURE food-grade hoses have Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification. This means they are manufactured in a factory that meets stringent cleanliness criteria, with material traceability and quality systems in place. It also means that the entire hose meets FDA standards for construction materials and that the finished product does not absorb media, while the media does not extract any non-regulated or non-permissible substance. No hose layer will migrate or contain any substance that will migrate into the media.

Featured Product: NEW! Parker’s Innovative ToughShield™ Plus Plating Technology

The new standard zinc-nickel (Zn-Ni) plating for Parker steel tube fittings and adapters worldwide is available through Wainbee Limited and offers premium corrosion resistance, protecting your equipment significantly longer than other commercially available plating technologies.

Engineers and metal scientists used state-of-the-art tools and analysis methods to study corrosion and how to minimize it. This led to the development of the patent-pending advanced plating which provides superior corrosion and assembly performance, even on products subjected to after plating deformation such as swivel nuts and other fluid power components.

Ensure more uptime with ToughShield Plus no matter your industry, ToughShield Plus delivers

  • Extended fitting service life
  • Less frequent and easier maintenance
  • Reduced downtime
  • Decreased corrosion migration to adjacent components
  • Reduced warranty claims for manufacturers
  • Decreased aesthetic quality concerns

Premium performance validation
The superior corrosion resistance of Parker's latest plating technology is validated through ASTM B117 / ISO 9227 neutral Salt Spray Testing (SST), as well as two Cyclical Corrosion Tests (CCT) - ISO 16701 and SAE J2334. CCT is widely considered to provide a closer correlation to field corrosion conditions. ToughShield Plus is the first standard plating system in the fluid power industry proven to offer this exceptional level of resistance to red rust.

Parker Tracking System (PTS)

Increasing the speed, timing, and accuracy of your next service event.

Parker Tracking System (PTS) is an innovative component-tagging and asset management solution available through Wainbee and offered in over 62 countries worldwide. Today’s equipment and machines are more connected than ever before and harnessing this complex data is key to maximizing up-time. By focusing on critical-wear components, Parker drives new levels of productivity, efficiency, and reliability.


  • Asset Location - Establish detailed location data for fast and easy replacement.
  • Asset Inspection - Collecting and storing customizable asset inspection data for easy retrieval.
  • Scheduled Events - Easily schedule and manage future inspection and replacement dates.
  • Registration - Register PTS tagged products from Parker’s Mobile App.
  • Asset Genealogy Capture and analyze asset replacement and service history for continuous improvement.
  • Transfer Records Seamlessly transfer record visibility between multiple PTS accounts.
  • Export Details Quickly export customizable asset reports into Microsoft Excel.
  • Databooks Create professional PDF reports containing asset details, service history and attached files.
  • Digital Documents Publish and access a variety of digital documentation.
  • Email Notifications Receive personal Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) email notifications.

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