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Parker is the global leader manufacturer of hydraulic filtration, fluid conditioning and condition monitoring solutions. Parker Filtration makes the technological investments needed to assure the highest quality and innovative products. That's why thousands of OEMs around the globe rely on Parker Filtration Products. Not only does Parker serve your filtration needs but provides a complete range of conditioning equipment to extend your media life and monitoring material to report real time fluid condition.

NITROSource Compact PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator

The cost-effective, reliable, and safe solution for small to medium nitrogen requirements. Utilising PSA Technology. NITROSource Compact provides nitrogen gas of 95% to 99,999% equivalent nitrogen purity.

NITROSource Compact nitrogen gas generators from Parker produce a totally on-demand nitrogen gas supply from a standard factory compressed air supply; a safe and reliable alternative to delivered gas options. The compact and lightweight modular design provides a consistent and easy to maintain solution for low to medium flow rate on-site gas requirements.

The NITROSource Compact range has been designed to meet multiple industry compliance including CU TR (EAC), CE, UL, CRN and has third party verified FDA Article 21 and European Food and Pharmaceutical approval. NITROSource Compact is also exempt from annual PED pressure vessel inspection resulting in minimum disruption to production.

NITROSource Compact is the ideal replacement to delivered nitrogen gas, eliminating the issues of administration, logistics and the potential risk of running out of gas associated with high pressure cylinders, liquid mini tanks, or bulk storage vessels.

The range of flow rates and purities that NITROSource Compact achieves makes it the ideal solution in the following industries:

• Soldering electronics
• Atmosphere suppression for the prevention of fire and explosion
• Food Packaging
• Blanketing
• Selective Laser Sintering (Additive Manufacturing)

Fluid Conditioning Cart by Parker is Lightweight, Portable, and Durable - New Design!

Parker hydraulic solutions are available in Canada from Wainbee Limited, and the manufacturer now offers a newly redesigned model of portable fluid conditioning cart. Available in two versions – the 5PFCC and the 10PFCC – this cart is taller yet thinner than its predecessor, measuring 1,092 by 536 by 472 millimetres. With a one-horsepower motor, this Parker unit can be used in lower- or higher-viscosity applications, to meet the needs of any customer.

Broad range of particulate elements

The in-series, multi-staged filtration allows the PFCC cart to remove free water and particulate in the same pass, which can extend service life while reducing maintenance time in servicing filtration systems and equipment. With two flow rates available (five or ten gallons per minute), this solution from Wainbee can get liquids to a desired cleanliness level with a broad range of particulate elements available, to extend fluid life and system performance.

The PFCC is built to last, with a heavy-duty frame that makes it rugged and durable, and it is also lightweight and portable, making it easy to move between locations for one-person operation. The cart is ready to use as received, as an 11-foot hose and wand assemblies are included, so extra hardware is not required. With its narrow design and smaller overall footprint, the upgraded model is easier to move through tight spaces and narrow aisles. Mobility and handling are also improved in various terrains with the larger ten-inch wheels.

The ergonomic frame design reduces the force required to tip the cart into the moving position, while the improved handle height and centre of gravity is more compatible for most users, boosting comport while lowering strain on necks, backs, and shoulders. In addition, the drip tray is now removable, making it easier to dispose of excess oil in the drip pan by disconnecting it from the frame.

The cart also has a filter pump strainer that protects the pump from large containments, so both filters can be used to series after the pump. Finally, it can polish hydraulic liquid to a specific ISO cleanliness standard.

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