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Parker Hannifin's Pneumatic Division has served the alternative energy, aerospace, material handling, factory automation, food & beverage, life sciences, medical, machine tool, packaging, transportation, and military markets. They support these markets with customized solutions and a platform of products that include cylinders, actuators, valves, air preparation equipment, as well as vacuum and automation components.

Parker P31P & P32P Regulators Unleash Next-level Performance, Reliability

Solutions by Parker include the P31P mini series and P32P compact series of electronic proportional regulators. Among the features of these electro-pneumatic regulators are integrated systems control, accurate output pressure, micro parameter settings, selectable input/output parameters, fast and full flow exhaust, and an LED display indicating output pressure.

Designed for top performance and reliability, these products by Parker enable regulation of outlet pressure proportionally to an electric control signal.

NC and NO models available

The onboard, user-friendly LED display on each of these global FRL programmable regulators changes and customizes parameters like adjustment of pressure limits, control signal, output signal, set pressure scale, minimum and/or maximum pressure, or behaviour control. Customers can order the P31P and P32P series from Wainbee in normally closed or forced-exhaust normally open (NO) models; the NO version automatically exhausts the regulated pressure to zero when it loses supply voltage. Internal pulse-width modulated valves control the output pressure proportionally to an analogue input control signal of zero-to-10 volts or 4-20 mA.

Each unit includes a piston-operated pneumatic pressure regulator controlled by a closed-loop system and an internal pressure sensor that measures the output pressure of the regulator while providing a feedback signal to the controller. Any variation between the set point and feedback is converted to a digital signal that will energize either of the internal solenoid valves to correct the output pressure of the regulator. Industries that benefit from these electronic proportional regulators include general manufacturing, air and gas, appliances, entertainment automation, factory automation, machine tools, moulding, packaging equipment, printing and marking machines, processing, and vehicle assembly.

Common applications for the P31P and P32P series:

• use in combination with valves and cylinders
• use in combination with tools for assembly and on shop floors
• protection of tools and cylinders against corrosion
• friction reduction
• use at the transfer point from workshop to machine

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