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Scanreco remote control devices represents quality product, customer service and recognized delivery performance. Designed for OEM's and Users, they are ergonomical and reliable, all designed to support heavy usage without user fatigue and operating disruption. Radio remote controls provide exceptional productivity due to the comfort of the operator and safety generated by this type of control.

Scanreco’s G6 Platform Applies High Design Flexibility to Remote Controls

Wainbee Limited supplies remote-control equipment by Scanreco, including the unique G6 Platform, which allows users to create truly tailored remotes for their machines. Developed with real-life operators’ everyday performance in mind, the G6 Platform offers complete design flexibility to meet the needs of machine owners, developers, and operators.

Built to work for a wide range of industries, this platform by Scanreco complies with workers’ requests regarding design, performance, function, and safety.

Micro and Mini sizes

Users can pick and choose levers, joysticks, buttons, switches, and LEDs and place them where desired, while picking convenient positions for stop buttons. SISP, or the Scanreco Integrated Safety Platform, is included too. The designable area is large enough to contain all required and extra parts, and screen options range from simple LED to an advanced Wi-Fi colour screen. Side buttons and operator feedback help the operator further.

The final G6 product is based partly on operator experience, as someone who works with the machine every day is the best judge of design effectiveness. It is also based on Scanreco’s online configurator, which helps machine developers, owners, and operators to design, iterate, and test systems before they go into final production.

The G6 Platform is available in Micro and Mini sizes, as well as a G6 CAN Receiver, all of which are available via Wainbee. The G6 Mini transmitter is a supportive multitasker that can be designed to support and leverage the needed performance on any worksite. It features dual battery components, Li-ion or NiMH batteries, operator-controlled speed reduction, an accelerometer and tilt sensor, vibrations and alarms, panel lights, an auto-off timer, cable control, and an LCD information centre.

The G6 Micro transmitter base, with many of the same features, suits most operator preferences, machines, applications, and work environments where the small size and simplicity are preferred. The G6 CAN Receiver pairs perfectly with any G6 transmitter and literally puts the machine performance into the operator’s hands.

Watch this video for a closer look:

Scanreco Color Display Can Show 16 Million Colours for Users

Wainbee Limited carries great Radio Remote Control solutions by Scanreco, like the unique 4.3-inch Color Display. Optional for Mini and Maxi transmitters, this smart, high-performance display offers excellent visibility with 16 million colours (24 bits) in all sorts of indoor and outdoor environments. Regardless of the light level, users get clear contrast every time. With eight programmable buttons on the sides and five LEDs that shine in green, yellow, or red, this Scanreco display has better visibility in sunlight than any other screen available (and even a standard cellphone) does.

Endless capabilities for programming

The Color Display offers endless capabilities for programming, limited only by imagination and compliance. The operating system, Scanreco Chameleon, is open to customers, based on Linus and Qt, and optimized specifically for Scanreco hardware. Language bindings are in C++ or JavaScript, and the Qt application has full world awareness of what is occurring within the whole system.

This unit also has optically bonded shock-proof glass that protects the display while providing antireflection, and the video display capability is an excellent solution for operator manuals and instructions, while the USB makes software upgrades in the field smooth and easy. The display also includes a WLAN video camera feature for future applications.

Optional features of this smart Colour Display from Wainbee:

• Resolution of 480 by 272 pixels
• WiFi capability
• Four gigabytes of storage
• Accelerometer
• Gyroscope
• Real-time clock
• Compass

With these features and more, the Scanreco Color Display prepares all customers not only for the needs they have presently, but also for the ones they may have in future applications. The Scanreco team knew that customers would want to take advantage of the latest technologies available when it developed this unique instrument. The user gets a flexible and powerful graphic programming environment for a diverse array of tasks with the Color Display.

To get a look at the Scanreco Color Display in action – providing remote control for a truck – check out the video below.

Featured Product: Scanreco Rocket Flex Transmitter is a Bonafide Multitasking Instrument

Wainbee Limited supplies Radio Remote Control solutions by Scanreco, including the unique Rocket Flex transmitter. This device is a true multitasker for such applications as vacuum trucks, concrete sprayers, and lifts, as well as range extensions in gigantic grinders and crushers. The Rocket Flex is even more useful in all situations and outdoor conditions when the user combines it with a Mini or Maxi. Scanreco has imbued high flexibility into this device, tailored to all customer needs.

Small, ergonomic, powerful format

The Rocket Flex is a versatile handheld transmitter that offers a multitude of digital control functions and operator format – all in a small, ergonomic, powerful, and easy-to-use format. It can be used nonstop for as long as 120 hours, then charged for immediate use again. When used with a Mini or Maxi on the same application and with the G2 2.4-gigahertz receiver, this Scanreco transmitter offers all the possibilities to perform both fast and long-haul applications, and users can share loads with colleagues with a feature known as Catch&Release.

The transmitter has 14 one-step or two-step buttons that operate according to user needs – momentary, latching, or interlocking, and a shift feature duplicates each button’s functionality. Users can assign all buttons to any receiver output or several outputs simultaneously. Since no system is alike, the front cover of this device from Wainbee can be customized with button instructions and information; one can even have a logo and colours on it. An optional graphic display and five programmable LEDs provide feedback on user actions and from the receiver.

Automatic frequency management enables constant work with no interruptions from radio interference from other nearby wireless equipment. An extra Pocket can serve as a repeater for the radio link if an extended operation range is necessary.

The Scanreco protocol and unique identity code ensure that the Pocket transmitter communicates solely with its correspondent receiver. Users can configure the Rocket Flex to send information only upon activation of a button. For increased safety, the instrument can also be programmed to use dedicated start/stop buttons that can establish a permanent radio link.

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