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Returns & Warranty

Return of Goods

Goods may be returned to Seller only after authorization in writing is obtained from Seller and only if such goods are in new re-sellable condition, otherwise shipment will not be accepted. Where a Buyer returns goods, a restocking charge may be levied in addition to any transportation charges. If return of the goods is made necessary by fault of Seller, full credit will be allowed. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Seller will not accept the return of any special order goods nor any chemical, lubricant or other liquid goods that have been opened or are past its expirations date.


Each item of goods offered by Seller is exclusively and solely warranted under the policy of the respective manufacturer and no warranty is provided by Seller unless otherwise stated in writing. Any modification, mounting or assembly is at the request of and is the responsibility of Buyer. Seller does not assume responsibility for unauthorized repairs, or damage resulting from such repairs, to the goods or apparatus, even though defective, and in no case shall its responsibility extend to goods and/or apparatus, other than that supplied by Seller. Seller assumes no responsibility for damage to goods or apparatus through improper installation or through attempts to operate it, or its operation outside the range of its rated capacity, whether such operation is intentional or otherwise. Seller makes no other warranty of any kind whatsoever express or implied and all warranties of title, quality, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are hereby disclaimed by the Seller and excluded from these terms and conditions of sale.