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Life Sciences

Life Science is a vast business from gas and liquid chromatography to clinical diagnostics and patient monitoring. Molecular separation and analysis as well as agent detection are areas where products are utilized for the construction of life sciences and healthcare equipment.

Wainbee offers solutions for control, pumping, dispensing, filtering and creating systems utilizing a multitude of products both from our Precision Fluidics Division product line up and beyond. We have experts available in the life sciences field to ensure products are tested and certified to the many standards demanded both locally and abroad.

Our more commonly used products are filtration systems, smart syringe technology, miniature proportional, solenoid, multimedia and piezo valves as well as miniature gas and liquid pumps. Wainbee also offers custom systems from fluidics to active control stations.


Gast miniature diaphragm or rocking piston pump is a very compact pump used in gas analyzers, patient monitoring equipment, compression therapy, CO2 monitors and more other health care industrial use.


This valve is ideal in critical applications such as gas delivery, medical, analytical, and industrial automation requiring high resolution, high flow, and low hysteresis. In addition, the unique design allows for custom flow profiles when required.


The Micro diaphragm pump is a compact 20mm wide and is used in gas analyzers, patient monitoring equipment, compression therapy and CO2 monitors to name a few.

Mini Diaphragm/Rocking Piston Pumps Stepper-Controlled Proportional Valve CTS Micro Diaphragm Pump


Clippard’s GNV series needle valve is especially suited to blended gas applications such as air and oxygen. In the medical industry, O2 mixers are used to mix oxygen with other gases, including ambient air, for patient treatment. The mixers allow the doctor to go from a mixture of oxygen, typically from 21% to 100%.


The Analytical Series Valve (A-) combines the proven features of Clippard’s “Mouse” series with the specific needs of the analytical industry, and for applications where cleanliness is especially important.

Needle Valves Analytical Series Electronic Valves


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